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I am a very proud non feminist female. I believe that women and men are equally valid as people and I don't think women need an 'ism' to prove this. I don't believe in the 'patriarchy'. I don't believe that it is harder to be a woman than to be a man. I don't believe that everything that is gender specific is automatically sexist. I do not hate or wish harm to anyone; I simply believe that there is a more mature and constructive way of dealing with many of the problems faced by both men and women in today's confusing and changing world than applying what is essentially a fundamentalist ideology to every aspect of society and culture.

New Video: The Economist goes full SJW on GamerGate

My video about an appallingly stupid article in ‘The Economist’ about GamerGate. Being a doofus I managed to make this video way longer and more rambly than my first one which I thought was a bit long and rambly. I … Continue reading

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First ever YouTube Video on Lindsey Shepherd

After five years of doing this I’ve finally managed to make a YouTube video… way too much use of the phrase ‘these people’ but I guess I’ll learn:

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The Lindsay Shepherd Recording: Orwellian, Hypocritical and Terrifying

  My latest article for The Backbencher:

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Partial transcript of Lindsay Shepherd interview – Dr Herbert Pimlott

In the course of trying to write an article about the Lindsay Shepherd affair I found that it was close to impossible to quote anything Dr Herbert Pimlott said when he was trying to justify not teaching both sides of … Continue reading

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The ASA’s reply to my complaint about their Gender Stereotyping Debate

Back in September I sent a complaint (which can be read here) to the Advertising Standards Agency about their disturbing, intellectually dishonest and very poorly referenced report on Gender Stereotypes. Below is their reply. Prepare for your palm to hit … Continue reading

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How to complain about the Advertising Standards Agency’s Report on Gender Stereotypes in Advertising

So this happened a while ago, but the UK ASA decided to put together a whole load of ideological rubbish to pave the way for changing guidelines / legislation on what does and does not constitute sexist advertising (probably because … Continue reading

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Here‘s my latest article for The Backbencher: Corbynmania at Glastonbury: Why Drugs are Bad:

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