Charities Scandal, Brendan Cox & being targeted by Hope Not Hate

My latest YouTube video…



My original blog about how Hope Not Hate wrote a hit piece on me and the other Liberty Belles:

Hope Not Hate’s Original Hit Piece:

Our Interview with Philip Davies;
The English Eccentric’s video:

The Jo Cox foundation’s funding of Hope Not Hate
Afua Hirsch’s Guardian piece plaming the Oxfam scandalon white saviour mentality:

Allegations against Oxfam:

Allegations about Oxfam staff in Caligula style orgies (paywall):

Oxfam chief apologises for ‘babies in cots’ comment

Claims about right-wing fake news:
World Vision food for sex scandal:

Allegations against the Red Cross and of child sex abuse against Plan International:

Allegations against Save the Children:

Save the Children boss resigns

Allegations against Brendan Cox while he worked ad Save the Children:


About femalefedupwithfeminism

I am a very proud non feminist female. I believe that women and men are equally valid as people and I don't think women need an 'ism' to prove this. I don't believe in the 'patriarchy'. I don't believe that it is harder to be a woman than to be a man. I don't believe that everything that is gender specific is automatically sexist. I do not hate or wish harm to anyone; I simply believe that there is a more mature and constructive way of dealing with many of the problems faced by both men and women in today's confusing and changing world than applying what is essentially a fundamentalist ideology to every aspect of society and culture.
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