I’d rather not be a Jezebel thank you: Appalling feminist hypocrisy

This is not really what I wanted to do for my next post, but forgive me – this is so offensive that I cannot let it go.

Royal Baby gets born – great! It’s a boy. From the minute I heard the news I could imagine the feminists on every kind of alert to find evidence of sexism in people’s reactions. I imagined them scouring articles in every right-wing newspaper they could find, keeping their eyes peeled for ‘patriarchy’ stuff; you know, very important feminist work.

Sure enough, within a few hours, this is flying around Facebook and Twitter – as reported by the delightful Jezebel:


Female journalist makes reference to the fact that Kate has fulfilled the historical duty and ambition of royal consorts by producing a male heir and happens to use the phrase ‘Kate is brilliant [for having a boy]’. She is branded a moron. I am sure that if she had been male the choice of insult would have been much worse.

Now, this already annoyed me. Anyone with an even moderate knowledge of European history is aware of the huge significance of the birth of a male heir – wars have been fought over it, kingdoms lost, dynasties overthrown, not to mention families and nations torn apart. Not only that, but thanks to the highly poplar Tudors and their reproductive issues, the idea of a princess or queen’s fertility and ability to produce a son is also one of the most romanticised aspects of royal history. Why should a journalist fail to draw attention to this? The fact that the law of succession has recently been changed cannot erase any of the past – much as feminists would wish it to. Kate has never put a foot wrong in her quest to be the face of tradition – surely the ironic fact that even her body appears to be ‘on her side’ is worthy of comment? And taking offence at the phrase ‘Kate is brilliant’ …seriously? Does anyone really believe that a woman can control the gender of her baby? Imagine the baby had been a girl – I doubt there would have been any shortage of Facebook or Twitter posts along the lines of ‘well done Kate – great day for feminism!’ But who would have commented on this, or complained that it was unfair and discriminatory? Nobody.

I was waiting for someone to say something along the lines of ‘what a shame it wasn’t a girl’ to prove my point. And then who goes and does it? Jezebel. The exact source that responded with vitriol when someone dared to admit that there might be historical reasons to be happy that the child was male:


Now, by my standards the contents of this post aren’t actually sexist – I don’t have a problem with people pointing out that ‘the idea of a brand new princess seems more interesting’, but if judged by feminist standards the whole thing stinks to high patriarchy heaven. Yes, the article is tongue in cheek, but would any joking be tolerated if the shoe were on the other foot. Not to mention the fact that the article implies that everyone ought to have felt some natural ‘feminist impulse’ to want the baby to be a girl – now who wants this child to serve their own social purpose?

What bothers me is the hypocrisy of it. The sheer hypocrisy, double standards and self-righteousness of a publication which claims that women should not be treated differently because of their gender to then go and produce material that smacks of every kind of awful female stereotype; bitchiness, jealousy, superficiality, inconsistency – you name it.

Frailty, thy name is Jezebel.


About femalefedupwithfeminism

I am a very proud non feminist female. I believe that women and men are equally valid as people and I don't think women need an 'ism' to prove this. I don't believe in the 'patriarchy'. I don't believe that it is harder to be a woman than to be a man. I don't believe that everything that is gender specific is automatically sexist. I do not hate or wish harm to anyone; I simply believe that there is a more mature and constructive way of dealing with many of the problems faced by both men and women in today's confusing and changing world than applying what is essentially a fundamentalist ideology to every aspect of society and culture.
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11 Responses to I’d rather not be a Jezebel thank you: Appalling feminist hypocrisy

  1. Copyleft says:

    When feminists demand serious equal treatment and harass anyone who makes even the slightest male-favoring joke on Twitter…

    And then turn around and insist that they can make silly boy-bashing comments to their hearts’ content because it’s “all in good fun”…

    They lose the right to be taken seriously. They want an end to superficial sexism… but only when OTHER people do it. They reserve that privilege for themselves because, y’know, “boys are stupid grrrl power patriarchy et cetera.” Ugh. Brain-dead hypocrites.

  2. Ginkgo says:

    “And then turn around and insist that they can make silly boy-bashing comments to their hearts’ content because it’s “all in good fun”…”

    The they are just trading on hypoagency, the trope that it doesn’t really matter because they are so harmles and all. How traditionalist is that? And then to turn around and claim to be upending the same gender system they are reinforcing and feeding off of…..

  3. Thanks for the comments – it’s great to know that someone agrees with me – despite being unable to open a newspaper without seeing appalling bias.

  4. Amyclae says:

    Ugh, Jezebel. I think our consolation prize is that since they’re so silly that it precludes any mainstream attention.

  5. Lyall says:

    Jezebel is the sexist feminist site where contributors and staff joke about acts of violence they have committed against men:

    Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause, Uh, We Have http://jezebel.com/294383/have-you-ever-beat-up-a-boyfriend-cause-uh-we-have

  6. You are awesome. That is all.

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    obtain benefit from it I am sure.

  8. Chaz says:

    Why are there not more women like you? Or, if there are, why do we not see and hear more from them? You give me hope, but I just wish there were more like you.

    • Thanks so much – that’s very kind of you! I think many women and men like me are afraid to speak out, but there are a lot more doing it as things are getting so ridiculous now. I think we all need to do our bit and make contact with each other – for me twitter is the best place for it as there are so many like minded people with great ideas about how to make a difference.

      • Chaz says:

        I’m sure you’re right about people being afraid to speak out. But sadly, men today are left to think most women support feminism because they don’t say otherwise. It places a strain on gender relations. It’s good to see more and more women like yourself speaking out against it, but there are still many more voices supporting it. Thank you so much for not remaining silent like most women.

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