Female fed up with feminism is now on twitter!

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I’m working on a new article, which should hopefully be up tomorrow or Tuesday.


About femalefedupwithfeminism

I am a very proud non feminist female. I believe that women and men are equally valid as people and I don't think women need an 'ism' to prove this. I don't believe in the 'patriarchy'. I don't believe that it is harder to be a woman than to be a man. I don't believe that everything that is gender specific is automatically sexist. I do not hate or wish harm to anyone; I simply believe that there is a more mature and constructive way of dealing with many of the problems faced by both men and women in today's confusing and changing world than applying what is essentially a fundamentalist ideology to every aspect of society and culture.
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5 Responses to Female fed up with feminism is now on twitter!

  1. Paul says:

    You write a very interesting Blog. I can not claim any penetrating insight myself but my intrinsic tells me that it’s all too late. There is no way out of this and feminism will just advance to what I suspect will be a very apocalyptic conclusion. I judge myself as having been virtually destroyed both spiritually and mentally. I suspect there will be many others for whom this is true. To destroy an enemy first destroy his will – he will then become compliant ,shuffling off to extinction withoucomplaint.

    Even if I am wrong there is still no way out for me.

  2. Paul says:

    Sorry. In the second line I meant to type ‘instinct’ not the nonsense that appears.

  3. Cicero says:

    Even if I am wrong there is still no way out for me.

    What are you talking about specifically?

  4. Paul Clements says:

    Take a look at what feminist preferences in the family courts have wrought.
    Take a look at what all the single mother homes impose on society, and try to calculate the cost of that. Then, look at all the unwed mothers who refuse to put their babies up for adoption. Could it be they don’t want to give up the government benefits offered by the liberals who want to make EVERYONE dependent on the government? (SOCIALISM!) Wouldn’t it be better to give fathers custody, at least SHARED custody? Or are politicians too enamored of the federal incentive payments for collecting child support?


    (cites omitted for brevity)

    37.8% of single mothers are divorced, 41% never married, and only 6.5% widows.

    “The strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison, is that they were raised by a single parent”.
    70% of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long sentences, were raised by single mothers.
    72% of juvenile murderers, and 60% of rapists came from single mother homes.
    70% of teen births occur to girls in single mother homes.

    70% of drop-outs, and 70% of teen suicides come from single mother homes.
    70% of runaways, 70% of juvenile delinquents, and 70% of Child murderers, come from single mother homes.
    “Girls raised without fathers are more sexually promiscuous, and more likely to end up divorced.”
    “After controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.”
    63% of all youth suicides,
    70% of all teen pregnancies,
    71% of all adolescent chemical/substance abusers,
    80% of all prison inmates, and
    90% of all homeless and runaway children, came from single mother homes.
    Children brought up in single mother homes are:
    5 times more likely to commit suicide,
    9 times more likely to drop out of high school,
    10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances,
    14 times more likely to commit rape,
    20 times more likely to end up in prison,
    32 times more likely to run away from home.

    “America has more than twice as many teenage births as other developed nations.”
    86% of American teen births are out of wedlock.

    Detroit ranks No.1 in unmarried births among the nation’s 50 largest cities. Of the 16,729 babies born in Detroit in 1997, 13,574 were black, 1,679 were white and 817 were Hispanic. Seventy-one percent were born to unmarried mothers. This compared with a state average of 33 percent and a 50-city average of 43 percent.”

    Detroit is the worst offender on our list of America’s most dangerous cities, thanks to a staggering rate of 1,220 violent crimes committed per 100,000. “By Thanksgiving, 2012, the city had surpassed the 344 homicides reported in all of 2011. As of Dec. 16, the city had recorded 375 murders.”

    Single parents make up a third of Wisconsin parents, The Annie E. Casey Foundation reports. And according to a 2009 report from the US Census Bureau, there are approximately 13.7 million single parents across the U.S., with single mothers outpacing single fathers five to one.

    In 2003, there were 1.5 Million unwed births, and less than 1% were put up for adoption.
    50% of single mothers are below the poverty line, their children are 6 times more likely to be in poverty than children with married parents.
    85% of homeless families are single mother families.
    90% of welfare recipients are single mothers.
    There were 3 million single mothers in 1970 and 10 million in 2003.
    The illegitimacy rate went up more than 300% since 1970.
    A 2008 study led by Georgia State University economist Benjamin Scafidi conservatively estimated that single mothers cost the U.S. taxpayer $112 billion every year.
    But in fact, Scafidi underestimated single mothers’ burden to society by excluding additional costs of single mothers to poverty programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit.
    That makes his estimates very low: Single mothers are six times more likely to be in poverty than married families. More than 80 percent of homeless families are single mothers.
    Scafidi’s study also did not consider the burden single mothers place on law enforcement because of their higher likelihood to neglect, abuse, or kill their children.

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