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Solidarity: Bullying is NOT a feminist issue

Yet again I’m taking a break from preparing a longer article about the plethora of feminist twaddle that’s going on in the UK because something really important has caught my attention.   I’m writing this post in solidarity with Tarnished … Continue reading

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I’d rather not be a Jezebel thank you: Appalling feminist hypocrisy

This is not really what I wanted to do for my next post, but forgive me – this is so offensive that I cannot let it go. Royal Baby gets born – great! It’s a boy. From the minute I … Continue reading

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How are we going to make a constructive change?

As my wonderful new followers know, this blog is very new. There is a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking about for a long time which I can finally express to an audience of like minded people, and hopefully one … Continue reading

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Female fed up with feminism is now on twitter!

Please follow me – I’m femalefedupwithf. Also, please let me know your twitter usernames so I can follow you all! I’m working on a new article, which should hopefully be up tomorrow or Tuesday.

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Feminist pressure groups taking steps to ensure censorship of criticism: A threat to freedom of speech and liberty for us all

A a user of Facebook myself, I have been aware of the fact that certain feminist pressure groups have been successful in having content that advocates violence towards women removed. I have no problem with this per se, however I … Continue reading

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Why I don’t need an ‘ism’ to feel like a person and neither should you

I am a busy and professional person with a vagina who has wanted to speak out about the lunacy that I see in feminism for a long time. But life got in the way because I have better things to … Continue reading

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Click here to read my first article, which explains exactly why feminism drives me nuts! Many thanks to A Voice for Men UK for publishing it – it was a really difficult step as I was really worried about being … Continue reading

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